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A Guide to Studying With Lupus

A Guide to Studying With Lupus

Lupus is one of those diseases that is evasive to the average, unaffected person. Aside from mentions of it in old House episodes or hearing the recent Lady Gaga album dedicated to her aunt, who died of lupus before she was born, most everyday individuals have very limited experience with lupus. 

Lupus is an autoimmune disease where the body’s defense mechanism mistakes its own healthy cells and bacteria for foreign invaders and starts to attack them, thinking they are harmful bacteria or viruses. This damages certain parts of the body, such as the skin, kidneys, blood vessels, joints, brain, and lungs. Lupus is not a contagious disease, but it does have a significant impact on the day-to-day tasks of the affected individual. Those who live with this disease may not consider themselves disabled, but there are several adjustments that need to be made for students who have the condition. Every individual living with lupus has their own set of symptoms that vary in degree of severity, and so they need to assess their necessary requirements based on their experiences and feelings. Below are a few suggestions to help students living with lupus:

  • Students should be able to access all school facilities offered.
  • The school’s main and supporting staff all should be aware of the student’s condition so they can implement whatever adjustments are needed.
  • The school should make financial support that covers the cost of lupus readily availability.
  • Adequate time should be provided for lupus patients to complete their homework, course work, and exams.
  • Students with lupus should have access to student disability representatives for any important documents pertaining to the school in the preferred format.
  • Arrangements should be made for staying on campus so that the stay is as comfortable as possible for the student.
  • If there are any other accommodations needed to be made for your specific case while you live on campus, they should be carried out accordingly with the help of the appropriate school officials.

The General Access Arrangements are usually made most often during exams or any other form of work evaluation. These are important because one has to pay a high price in school fees, and so these students should get a fair shot to prove their academic abilities. Lupus patients may need extra time or opportunities to take a break during exams, and this should not be seen as an unfair advantage. You are dealing with much more than the people around you, and the school ought to recognize that and support you in your endeavors.

To get the best possible experience at school or college, it is important to be honest with the educational staff. There is no point in suffering unnecessarily. The school should be made aware of your pains and what you are going through so they can help. Also, do not make your entire life about lupus; it is important to find balance in your life and to paint a good picture of yourself, including your goals, hobbies, and interests.