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Artificial Intelligence May Be Used to Detect Diabetic Retinopathy

The impact of artificial intelligence

Each day, start-up companies as well as independent manufacturers are developing new products that solve several common issues. This technology goes beyond common consumer products, such as personal computers and cellular devices. The medical world has also done its research on the topic of artificial intelligence. More specifically, there have been several discoveries in the field of diabetic research. A lot of attention has been brought to the vision aspect of diabetic care. “Deep learning research in ophthalmology is underway to better identify lesions and other signs of diabetic retinopathy”(Vanessa Caceres).

This technology is still relatively new and a small number of tests are still being conducted. However, physicians view this new technology as a major time saving option for their usual procedures. In fact, a majority of doctors claim that “if you have a machine or computer that says you don’t need to do anything or you need to do something, that could save a lot of time” (Dr. Julia A. Haller). Even with this technology being consistently utilized, the physical examination conducted by a licensed doctor is still necessary. Perhaps in the future this technology can be readily available for any individual.