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Artificial Intelligence May Be Used to Detect Diabetic Retinopathy

The promise this technology holds

Currently, society is still dependent upon medical physicians to give a screening with a “personal touch”. A standard ophthalmologist appointment is important “in a face-to-face exam, your eye doctor can perform tests that help evaluate other important parts of eye health” (Vanessa Caceres). The results for an eye exam are vital because it could mean the difference between a diabetic person keeping or losing their eyesight.

The artificial intelligence technology used by ophthalmologist to screen for diabetic retinopathy is gaining a huge audience. This is because of the high level of convince that these new forms of technology can provide. In the very near future, “when you go to your pharmacy and do a blood pressure check, it doesn’t mean you can skip seeing your internist this year. There are limitations, and we still need physicians”(Dr. Julia A. Haller).