Johnson is "the kind of guy you stay away from"

In some of his go-to bars, HBO producer Marc Henry Johnson didn't exactly have a stellar reputation. 

A bartender, who stopped serving him alcohol three years ago, says "He's the kind of guy you stay away from."

Another bartender noted, "He was always messed up and I seriously doubt it was just booze."

At the time he met with Cerveny, he was also experiencing issues in his marriage. His wife had accused him of kicking her inside their apartment, but he wasn't charged. 

He had also been seen at various "coke-fueled showbiz parties" and in a "circle of serious drug users," according to a friend. 

He had known Cerveny since February of 2009. Sources say she had previously met him on Facebook and had since been acquaintances.

Whether or not Johnson helped Kiersten live out a double life, his involvement in her death might suggest so. It brought his secretive habits to light. He had a known history with the involved coke dealer and had spent a lot of time at the drug-ridden apartment in question.

Source: DNAinfo

Photo: NY Daily News