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C. Diff Is a Major Problem for IBD: Is Charcoal the Answer?

The charcoal works by preventing the antibiotic from entering the colon

The results were promising so far. Though there were no differences in actual antibiotic blood levels regardless of whether charcoal was used or not, there definitely was a difference in the levels of antibiotic in the stool. In the group receiving antibiotics alone, there was a stool level of 136 micrograms/gram of moxifloxacin in the feces. However, those who were co-treated with DAV132 had only 14 micrograms/gram of the antibiotic in their stool. This demonstrated that despite the antibiotic levels being equivalent in the blood of all the participants, the charcoal was very effective in helping keep the moxifloxacin from entering the large intestine and getting into the stool.