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The Connection Between Inflammatory Bowel Disease and Candida

There are many ways to aid natural healing of the GI tract in relation to candida overgrowth

Removing known problematic foods and pro-inflammatory compounds – Undergoing IgG food intolerance blood tests can help you to determine what your trigger foods are. For instance, it is known that milk and eggs are common reactive foods among individuals with Crohn’s disease. In addition, removing certain food types can be beneficial for alleviating any inflammatory response.

Managing inflammation – In managing the side effects of inflammation, traditional medicine generally focuses on the use of immunosuppressants and steroids. However, they too come with their own side effects. For this reason, removing GMO foods from your diet and consuming nutrients, such as vitamin A and D, are the best approaches to managing inflammation within your gastrointestinal tract

Protecting and restoring the intestinal barrier – Several nutrients, such as glutamine, vitamin A, vitamin D, and others, can help manage inflammation, as well as to protect and restore your intestinal barrier.