But, conjoined twins like Abby and Brittany can lead happy, healthy lives

Today, though, society has become more tolerant of physical differences and looks to accommodate people with disabilities, both mental and physical. So, conjoined twins like Abby and Brittany Hensel are able to live lives that are both full of laughter and long in years, thanks to advancements in medical science.

At birth, the girls were given mere hours to live. Then, during childhood, they had to undergo three surgeries: one to remove a partial third arm on the center of their chest; one to correct scoliosis when they were 12; and a final one soon after to enlarge their chest cavity to prevent future breathing problems. All of this shows how far medicine has come to allow rare individuals like Abby and Brittany the chance to live. And they certainly haven’t taken their time for granted! College, traveling, and now teaching and living on their own, the Hensel sisters prove conjoined twins don’t have to let anything stand in the way between them and happiness. 

Photo: Naked Stories (YouTube)