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How Kindness Impacts the Lives of Those Living with Lupus

What are some acts of kindness that can help someone with lupus?

There is no doubt that the creation of has helped and will continue to help thousands of people. Also, acts of kindness do not need to be big like building an online community to help others with lupus.  What may seem like a small act can go a long way in helping a patient battling with lupus and their loved ones. You can do this by:

  • Spend quality time with someone who has recently been diagnosed, just listening and being present has a powerful impact on someone who is trying to sort out a recent diagnosis
  • Help with simple acts like shopping, doing laundry or mopping the floor
  • Be present/take interest in what is going on with them
  • Offer transportation or companionship to the many medical appointments that come along with a diagnosis
  • Prepare a meal or two, or three. Freezer meals are great for lupus patients who may be dealing with a flare-up 
  • Offer babysitting or carpool services, and this is especially helpful for a young mom who may be dealing with a new norm: battling lupus and motherhood at the same time.