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Managing Emotions in Multiple Sclerosis

Other tips

  • “Reduce caffeine and alcohol”: Caffeine is a stimulant and alcohol is a depressant. Overuse of either can make you irritable.
  • “It’s often the little things”: “Take some time to think about what may be bothering you; rationally identifying what that is can help calm you.” It can also help you ease into an apology for any you offended.
  • “Get in touch with your compassion”: for yourself and others. “Realize it’s not how you want to be.”
  • “Gain perspective”: Concentrate on your life’s blessings rather than stewing over your state of mind and placing the blame onto others.
  • “Rid yourself of nervous energy”: Physical exercise can help. Also, exercising releases “feel good” endorphins.
  • “Get quiet or alone time”: Get away from all the noise. Shut the door. Listen to music. Light a candle and watch it burn. Give meditation a try.

What other suggestions come to your mind?

Try journaling them for clarification and documentation.

Draw up an action plan to fight those emotional episodes and see them start to lessen before your watchful eye.