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What Not to Say to Someone With Parkinson's Disease

How to Better Understand and Assist

One can be an advocate for those with PD by avoiding stereotypes and helping to become a proponent for the community in a positive fashion. If seeking out advice from someone with PD seems too personal, there are some articles, scientific reports, advice forums, and most importantly, health professionals that specialize in the management and treatment of Parkinson's. Several blogs and studies by numerous sources could also be of assistance for those seeking out ways to better understand PD and breaking down mental representations through facts and individual accounts.

There Is Such a Thing As Too Helpful

Offering help to those who are facing the struggles of PD might be viewed as a wonderful cause, but too much help and an assumption of helplessness can only worsen the side effects for many, causing unwanted stress and false perceptions about the individual. Offering up a kind shoulder or ability to listen can be more than enough for some. Assumptions such as overall charge of housework and food preparation assistance can be helpful, albeit, it can be a fine distinction for many as to how comfortable they are being helped in that type of activity and what they have no qualms with being taken over for household activities.