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Students Develop Exoskeleton App to Help Patients with Muscular Dystrophy

Both MSU and Talem Technologies have a similar goal: Help those who feel forgotten.

In a society seemingly controlled and totally driven by money, it is refreshing to see people working for the greater good. Aside from the tremendous drive of these students, what really helped the MSU team commit was that this project helps people who are sometimes overlooked and marginalized by society.

“There is a humanitarian aspect to our project that we liked,” Alex Wuillame, a member of the MSU team, explained. “Our app helps people who are often forgotten.”

Talem Technologies is similar in their beautiful vision, but because the company’s exoskeleton is totally mechanical, their exoskeleton requires calibration in order to stabilize the angle of incline. Users of the app, in the beginning stages of its development, used to use a key fob in order to make the necessary adjustments to the device.

Photo source: Michigan State University