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The Emotional Rollercoaster of Alzheimer's Disease

Getting help

Providing care for people with Alzheimer's disease is hard work. In addition to the physical labor families and caregivers go through, the effects of this disease can also take a toll on one's mental health.

A family member who is taking the time off from work to provide care for the patient may ask other family members for support and assistance. Private caregivers can always take time off from work in order to spend time with family and friends for moral support. There are also health professionals and numerous support groups who can provide emotional support for both patients and their caregivers. Getting help and support from these people is encouraged as the disease progresses.

Thinking about where this disease may take the patient is definitely not a happy thought. There will come a time when a caregiver's task to provide assistance to the patient may come to an end. It is important to be positive while also being accepting and open-minded throughout this journey.