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The Invisible Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

Cognitive function and clumsiness

Cognitive function 

Fibro fog is a real thing. Those who suffer from fibro can sometimes find themselves struggling to find the right words to express themselves with. They may also find that they are more forgetful or dealing with general feelings that may overwhelm them. While this is a common symptom of fibro, it is actually subtle and often not as noticed. 


One of the weirder fibro symptoms out there is clumsiness. If suddenly a person is walking into doors or tripping over generally flat and safe surfaces, this could be a sign that they have fibro. But, clumsiness is more common when someone is also dealing with poor sleep or a decrease in their cognitive ability. This may be considered a relatively innocent symptom to be dealing with, but the reality is that even a mild case of the clumsies can cause serious injury.