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These Doctors and Nurses Reveal What Grey's Anatomy Has Wrong About Medicine

There is no drama. You literally just go to work, do it, then go home.

If there’s one thing Grey’s Anatomy is filled with, it’s drama. Lots and lots of drama.

While it certainly makes for compelling TV, it’s not realistic. In reality, working at a hospital is a job, plain and simple. Like any other job, you go to work, you do what you need to do, and then you go home. End of story.

Of course, any job has its share of workplace drama. Yet, that drama tends to be a lot more mundane than the unexpected plot twists and steamy love affairs of Grey’s Anatomy.

Actual workplace drama tends to entail relatively boring, everyday occurrences. So-and-so is always sucking up to the boss. So-and-so is always slacking off. So-and-so is planning their wedding when they’re supposed to be working. You know how it goes.

TV is entertaining precisely because it’s not the same as ordinary life. The drama on Grey’s Anatomy may be ridiculous (from love triangles to intense hospital shootings), but it’s exactly what draws us in to watch the show.

Photo source: ABC