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These Rescue Dogs Are Trained to Find Children with Autism

It's easy to support the organization

The SCSARDA is an all-volunteer organization whose members dedicate their time to providing search and rescue services. Apart from finding lost and missing individuals, the SCSARDA also helps to educate the community with age-appropriate presentations on how to avoid getting lost, what to if you become lost, and how SAR dogs can help. Here are a few ways in which you can help the SCSARDA to uphold search and rescue operations:

  • Join the team by becoming a k9 handler who provides operational support or a handler who provides auxiliary support for searches and events throughout the community
  • Tell a friend to help raise awareness about the SCSARDA
  • Make a donation to help ensure that SAR teams are well-trained and prepared for any type of search
  • Provide land to use for training for the purpose of providing new scenarios for SAR dogs and assisting SAR handlers in becoming better searchers