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These Treatments May Help Imbalance Related to Multiple Sclerosis

These Treatments May Help Imbalance Related to Multiple Sclerosis

One of the earliest symptoms that often appears several years before multiple sclerosis (MS) diagnosis is imbalance. Patients often discuss the sensation of turning their head to look at something beside or behind them and feeling as though they were slightly imbalanced. Most patients don't think anything is wrong until the imbalance becomes worse and more symptoms begin to present themselves over the years.

The Multiple Sclerosis Society U.K. published an article, "Causes of balance and walking problems," which takes a closer look at how and why MS patients might incur problems with keeping themselves feeling balanced.

The article discusses how the body requires several different body parts to work together in harmony in order to achieve good balance. The article also discusses how patients with MS may often experience a complication between the brain and the relaying of information. MS often causes severe damage in the connection between the brain and feeling balanced. Therefore, MS causes the brain to send incorrect information to the body which causes the patient to feel imbalanced.

The way the different parts of the body work together can be better understood when grouped into three functions: input, processing, and output. MS can have adverse effects on all three different parts of the body's balancing system. The information of a brain in a MS patient might be sent out in incomplete bits, misleading data, may be sent out too late, or may be disrupted, which affects the way the brain processes the information required for the body to remain balanced.