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Research Says Allergy Medications Can Fight Multiple Sclerosis

MRIs present a temporary challenge

The team attempted to observe the regeneration of myelin directly via magnetic resonance imaging, or MRI, but the technique proved incapable of offering them access into this visual. Chan explained, "we still don't have imaging methods that have been proven to be able to detect remyelination in humans." However, that does not mean that their results are null or void; the researchers note that myelin regeneration is the only way to explain the results found in the VEPs, as it is able to act as a catalyst to neural transmission. This concept is present throughout neurobiology, and is a cornerstone of Chan's preclinical research. Therefore, just because the MRI has proven to be too weak for direct observation does not mean that their hypothesis did not occur.

The drug is a great choice for those with multiple sclerosis who want to fight against neuron damage due to its powerful properties, but also lack of side effects. Fatigue is often present with those who take the drug, but nothing more serious has been reported to be connected.