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Graphic Novel to Raise Awareness for Inflammatory Bowel Disease

How an IBD patient panel helped create the story

How an IBD patient panel helped create the story

The patient panel was so important because there’s no better person to ask than the very people living with the disease. These are the only people who really know what it’s like to live with inflammatory bowel disease. Authors and creators wanted to highlight patient experiences from the IBD community.

The patient panel drew in experiences internationally

Takeda wanted to draw from the global presence of this disease. Millions of people worldwide have IBD, and they didn’t want to leave anyone out. One of Takeda’s senior directors explains that this was the reason they created a globally diverse patient panel. It was the best way to make sure all of the content they created would benefit the international community of people living with IBD.

Marvel comic author recruited to write the story

After consulting with the very diverse and globally involved patient panel, none other than Fabian Nicieza wrote this adventurous comic. You may recognize his name – Fabian is a well-known Marvel comic writer who worked on famous titles including X-Men, X-Force, and Deadpool. Using his talents and creativity, he brought color and life to inspiring patient stories.