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A New App Is Changing Multiple Sclerosis Self-Care

Apps for MS

The tech industry is booming, and with that so is the implementation of technology in medicine. From computerized patient charting systems in hospitals, to programs that allow providers to video chat with their patients, technology is seeking to decrease errors in the healthcare field and make healthcare more accessible. With this there have been a number of phone apps that are designed to help people manage their medical conditions with more ease. These apps not only pose benefits for the direct health of the individual, but also offer them a little more control over their situation and involvement with their healthcare plan. For people with MS, having a little more control over their disease can greatly improve their quality of life. There are numerous apps available for people with MS. One that is called “Multiple Sclerosis Support” is a social app that aims to connect people with MS. This offers a great way for people with a common condition to interact and support one another. “MS Self” is another app that allows users to track their activities and moods throughout the day. However, MS Energise takes this a step forward.