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The Correlation Between Cigarettes and Multiple Sclerosis

What type of MS is at most risk?

All of them. If you have multiple sclerosis, you shouldn’t be smoking. The types of MS are as follows: (CIS) Clinically Isolated Syndrome, (RRMS) Relapsing-remitting MS, (PPMS) Primary Progressive MS, and (SPMS) Secondary Progressive MS. All of these are affected by cigarette smoke and chemicals, but some are affected worse than others. Progression from one form of MS to another can also be sped up with cigarettes. The type of multiple sclerosis that a patient has will play a part in the type of progression (if any) that the person experiences. Multiple sclerosis sufferers are each unique which is evident in their symptoms and environmental factors leading up to their diagnosis.

All forms of multiple sclerosis are exacerbated and worsened by cigarettes, therefore, anyone with multiple sclerosis shouldn’t smoke – although, from a medical and risk factor standpoint, absolutely no one should smoke.