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For Ulcerative Colitis, Is Holistic Care the Best Option?

For Ulcerative Colitis, Is Holistic Care the Best Option?

For Ulcerative Colitis, Is Holistic Care the Best Option?

Lately there has been a huge push in society for holistic healthcare, and it has gotten more attention in the media than ever before. Some people view holistic care as avoiding all pharmaceuticals and any treatment that is not natural. This is not, however, what holistic treatment is. 

Holistic really means that the patient is treated as a whole, and not viewed as solely the disease or a part that needs to be remedied. It also means using a combination of lifestyle changes, western medicine, and alternative medicine to truly ensure that the entire individual is being cared for and that no aspect of his or her health is being overlooked. Holistic care identifies that a patient is comprised of his or her parts, and thus needs to be cared for with all of these parts in mind. This type of care takes into account mental and social factors as well.

Lifestyle changes can be very effective in helping some people manage UC. Rightfully so, as many providers try to encourage patients to make lifestyle changes that may be beneficial to them. However, it could be foolish to place all of your trust in lifestyle changes alone, as sometimes it takes more than this to effectively manage UC. Remission is possible with UC, so this should be what people strive for.

When it comes to UC, like most things in life, it affects everyone a bit differently. This means that your individual treatment plan that may be based on what has worked for other people will likely require some trial and error. For some people, lifestyle changes may eventually be enough. For others, remission may require much more than that. When you have UC, your provider’s goals are to reduce complications and symptoms, and get you into remission. This means that he or she should be trying a combination of treatment methods.

If you have recently been diagnosed with your UC and your provider has placed you on a medication treatment plan, this is probably because he or she wants to get your symptoms under control. Your provider will likely also recommend lifestyle changes to compliment your medication regimen, and if he or she hasn’t mentioned these, ask about it. It is an important part of your overall health, and one day, once your UC is in remission, these lifestyle changes may be all that is necessary.

Lifestyle changes that can be helpful

Let’s face it; we could all do with a little bit healthier of a lifestyle. Whether it’s our diets, exercise, stress reduction, or simply making more “you” time, there is a lot more that all of us could be doing to enhance self-care. For people with UC, lifestyle changes can make a pretty big impact on symptoms.

Read on to learn more about utilizing holistic care to manage ulcerative colitis symptoms and flare-ups.