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The Impact of Lymphoma on Love, Sex and Relationships

lymphoma on love sex and relationships

The Impact of Lymphoma on Love, Sex and Relationships

Dealing with lymphoma is incredibly difficult and straining. Lymphoma patients are constantly fed information regarding their condition, how to live with it, things they should or should not do, etc.

But many patients often ignore a critical aspect of living with the disease, which is how it affects relationships. Many lymphoma patients have significant others, family, friends, or children. Navigating these relationships can be hard in general, but trying to do so while fighting lymphoma can be incredibly hard.

This article will cover some specific ways you can strengthen your relationships and make it easier on you and your loved ones.

It can be incredibly difficult and straining to deal with lymphoma. Often the most critical aspect that is how the relationship affects the disease is often ignored. You can strengthen your relationship and thus make things easy for your loved one.

Lymphoma and your loved one

The closest person in your life is your spouse of the significant other. In fighting the disease they can be a great support system. However often patients find that due to diagnosis their relationships become strained. It is because of the pressure and stress they are going through since they are constantly fed by information on how to live their life. However the communication can be boosted the two of you by doing the following:

Tell them how you feel- not sharing what you feel can be harmful for the relationship. Things can get tensed between both of you. Sometimes the patient is constrained from doing certain things due to the overprotective nature of their loved ones. If this comes up talk about this with them and keep in mind that at the end of the day your partner cares about you.

Use” “I statement- This helps improves communication. Since” I” statement sounds less harsh and accusatory use” I” instead of You. If you phrase your statement using “I” then your feelings will be made clear and you partner will not feel that you are accusing them.

Communicate what you need- sometimes your partner may not know how to help you. If you need some time to yourself and need time to collect and regroup your thoughts, then just tell them. If you want them to be with you since you are feeling lonely then tell them. This will clear up any confusion. At the same time keep in mind that your partner also needs respect and has a life of their own.

Do not forget intimacy- in any relationship this is important. However a person fighting with lymphoma may forget about it. But intimacy will make you feel mentally and physically better and will also strengthen your relationship. Intimacy may simply mean cuddling, sex or holding hands, discuss with your doctor while you are on treatment what the safest means to have sex are. Do not let the disease come in the way of your relationship.

Lymphoma and your kids

How to tell them- often patients do not know how to tell about their condition to their children. They feel that in front of their children they will look weaker. Hence they are not told the truth. But if there is stress in the house children tend to get frustrated hence it is better to be honest. Through a story book on lymphoma or any other educational source find ways to tell them. Also encourage them to communicate their feelings. Give them reassurance whenever possible.

Taking care of them- in lymphoma the lack of energy may make the parent feel that he or she is not good.  Understand that while you are battling lymphoma you can be a good parent. Tell them if you are cannot cook, play or help. Tell friends, relatives or family member to be with them. This way they will feel that you care for them and you will get rest.

Lymphoma and friends

If you feel like sharing with them your condition then do it. You can find a person who can share the information on your behalf. Thus you will not be bombarded with questions, concerns and your friends and colleagues will also get the update.