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Man with Multiple Sclerosis Beats All Odds on Daughter's Wedding Day

Man with Multiple Sclerosis Beats All Odds on Daughter's Wedding Day

Man with Multiple Sclerosis Beats All Odds on Daughter's Wedding Day

Scott was just like many other fathers out there who would do anything for their beloved little girl. One of those things is the honor to, one day, walk her down the aisle at her wedding. It's a special and intimate moment shared by a father-daughter duo, and a timeless tradition that many treasure.

Scott had no doubts that he would be there on his daughter’s special day. That was until he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Diagnosis changed his life

Multiple sclerosis flipped Scott's world upside down. He had always been extremely active, and he used to be a serious runner. When he was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, he switched over from running to cycling and was able to enjoy that new hobby for several more years.

Like most patients who have multiple sclerosis, Scott's diagnosis came out of left field. Unfortunately for Scott, he was diagnosed really early on in his time as a father. When his daughter, Elise, was only a toddler, he received the terrible and shocking news. Of course, being diagnosed with a disabling condition when you're a dad to a two-year-old comes with a lot of fear and uncertainty, but Scott was always strong. He never let his disease take over his life and was always determined to be the best dad to Elise.

Elise is all grown up

And that was over 26 years ago. Now, Elise is 28 and about to get married. Scott's disease progressed pretty rapidly during her childhood, and he couldn't walk for over 2 decades. But he was still always the best dad, and the father-daughter duo was extremely close.

Determination to walk her down the aisle

But any thoughts that Scott would someday walk his baby girl down the aisle was always doubtful for most people. Scott didn't give up. He could only hope that he would be able to be there for all his little girl's important moments. Multiple sclerosis had taken away his ability to walk, so how was he going to pull this off?. All he could do was do his best to fight on and hope for the best.

This stamina and adaptability are what makes Scott incredibly special. Faced with a chronic illness with no cure, he never once asked for pity from his family or friends. Instead, he took life by the horns and made the best out of his situation, no matter how grim. He was always like that, and that's the man that Elise has gotten to admire as her dad.

So when the now 28-year old bride was ready to get married, the day had finally come. Was Scott going to walk his little girl down the aisle?

Read on to learn more about Scott's perseverance, and how anyone, MS or not, can learn a little something from him.

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