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These Mittens Can Help Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms

rheumatoid arthritis symptoms

These Mittens Can Help Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms

Learning to live with a chronic health condition can present individuals with a whole host of challenges. Tasks that may seem easy for people without chronic conditions can suddenly become unmanageable during a flare-up. Oftentimes there isn’t a particular rhyme or reason to flare-ups which can leave an individual blind-sided by a sudden onset of symptoms.

While rheumatoid arthritis may be one of the more common examples of chronic conditions affecting the population, it isn’t any less potent. Individuals suffering from rheumatoid arthritis can have ongoing joint and tissue discomfort that makes navigating the world painful and difficult, especially when that pain is localized in an important region, such as the hands. Where there isn’t currently a cure for rheumatoid arthritis, there are some innovations on the horizon that are designed to help those suffering from the disease maintain a more normal life.

The most common centres of pain and discomfort in rheumatoid arthritis is the joints and tissues. This disease causes fair degree of pain to the individual. Further it may also cause heart and lung complications although very rare. One of the most affected areas is the hand and wrists. But one of the individual found a way to mitigate this pain in hands.

A 52 year old resident Marita Loffredo from Rhode Island suffered from the disease from the age of 17. She had to look for innovative ways to deal with everyday life challenges especially during a flare up. Since her hand was disfigured, to correct her condition and fuse the joints she had to undergo multiple operations. To alleviate some of her symptoms she thought of some strategies so that her life could become manageable.

Marita was aware the effect of extreme winter temperature on her hand. She had to but extremely thick pair of gloves to keep her hand warm. But she would then not be able to use her hands. Moreover during a flare up it is difficult to wear the glove. Hence she came up with Phalang Ease mittens. They open from the front so they are easy to put on. Simply by laying the hands on the mittens and closing from top, without needing to squeeze the hands the wearers can wear the mitten and thus the pain also is alleviated because there is no pressure on the hands. After wearing the mittens, it allows wide range of motion. Thus doing certain tasks becomes easy. They are waterproof too.

Often the debilitating effect of the disease is overlooked. At first glance the outward symptoms may not be apparent but the individual finds difficulty in doing everyday tasks.  For example before developing these mittens Marita had difficulty driving.  Thus the ability to accomplish is restricted. At this point various strategies to overcome disability are developing to help individuals with chronic conditions. a great step towards normalizing tools is represented by this invention by Marita and for maintaining a normal life it is invaluable.  Marita hopes her mittens become popular and people understand the benefit of it. This mitten could be useful to a wider spectrum of buyers although it could cater to a limited audience. At present her business has been taken over by her two sons since she is experiencing severe symptoms of the disease. Though at this moment she has taken a backseat but about these mittens she is still optimistic. She hopes that for individuals suffering from chronic condition, life will become manageable with products like these.

From the outside this disease may be invisible but the individual experiencing the symptoms can feel it at every point. It can become very difficult to complete certain tasks during flare ups since the individual is very much impacted. For people suffering from chronic condition people like Marita are making world a friendlier place by taking steps like this since there is no cure at present for rheumatoid arthritis. This invention seems to be fairly inconsequential; such inventions can offer the sufferers tools that on their daily life can have a huge impact especially during flare ups.