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Severe Psoriasis and Diabetes: How Are They Related?

Factors shared by both type 2 diabetes and psoriasis

Both increase inflammation

According to Nadia Yaqub, who is an endocrinologist, chronic inflammation resulting from psoriasis is the main contributing factor for the increased diabetes type 2 risks. Andrea Neimann, MD also explained that the inflammation resulting from psoriasis also increases insulin-like growth (a factor linked to diabetes) within the body of an individual.

Both share related conditions

Psoriasis is associated with high blood pressure, higher body mass index, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and stroke, which are also conditions associated with diabetes.

Diabetes and psoriasis are affected by lifestyle

Both ailments are related to lifestyle habits such as drinking alcohol, unhealthy diet, and smoking. It is also important to note that some of the treatments for this ailment can make blood sugar and cholesterol levels more challenging to control.