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Sleep Deprivation and Prediabetes Is a Bad Combo

Connection Between Appetite and Sleep

Additional studies have shown that appetite and sleep are connected. A study that analyzed the effects of sleep deprivation on hormones levels involved thirteen participants. These participants were assigned two nights of sleep, and one was given 10 hours of sleep while the other was given 4 hours. A blood sample was taken from the participants after every 20 minutes to measure total cortisol and ACTH. Also, saliva was collected every 20 minutes to measure hunger, appetite, perceived stress, and free cortisol.

Sleep deprivation leads to 19% increase in ATCH as well as 21% increase in total cortisol. Enough sleep should, therefore, be people’s lifestyle particularly in people with prediabetes. Also, health care personnel should assess sleep duration when evaluating the risk of developing diabetes.