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Understanding the Fibromyalgia Diagnosis Process

After Diagnosis

There is no one standard cure for FM because symptoms and severity vary greatly among patients, the doctor may prescribe different paths for each. For those that don’t have the most severe pain, physical therapy may be indicated to keep the joints healthy. There are also medications on the market meant to treat the symptoms that doctors may prescribe. Dealing with the secondary symptoms of FM such as depression and sleeplessness may also involve medication at the discretion of the physician. Patients on their own can join support groups to be among people that have an understanding of what they’re experiencing.

Although FM is a difficult disorder to diagnose, there have been very large strides made in the last decade towards a greater understanding of the disorder and treatment plans, and gaining greater acceptance of the legitimacy of the disorder. Because of the nature of the disorder, there may never be a clear cut solution that all patients can benefit from but the medical community seems to be moving in the right direction.