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Understanding Pain in Diabetic Neuropathy


There was an extensive study in 2009 that helped to prove that there are sensory profiles for those that have PDN.  This study used 500 patients with PDN to observe and document the symptoms that they experienced.  With the data from these patients the researchers involved found a pattern of pain or other sensations throughout the group.  They were able to group them into five different categories.

Even though there are five main profiles that people can be grouped under, it is not a fool-proof system.  The categories can help a patient distinguish what type of pain or sensation that they are experiencing.  However, there are many patients that do not fall into these categories at all. When rating pain and sensations it is hard to say there is definitive groups.  No one experiences pain in the same way.  Similarly no one will have the same nerve damage.  Therefore their pain and sensory profile cannot be the same as another patient. 

While these findings seem discouraging they are very helpful.  It may not give doctors or researchers a go to category, but it will open the conversation on how their particular patient is feeling.  With the knowledge that many people fall into certain categories, but everyone is different doctors must talk with their patients more.  They concentrate on what each patient's pain and sensations are instead of treating a blanket idea of what it should be.