1 What is a Dermagraphics (Permanent Make-up, Micropigmentation)?

Dermagraphics (also known as permanent make-up or micropigmentation) is a procedure during which a trained doctor or specialist injects iron oxide pigment into the middle layer of the skin (the dermis) for results that last for long periods of time.

A candidate for a dermagraphics can be any person who wants to improve the appearance of thin lips or eyebrows, allergies to make-up, but also one who has a physical condition that makes applying some cosmetics difficult (cataracts, severe arthritis...).

It is important for a person to find a doctor or specialist who has experience in this procedure because the result can vary on a person who is performing the procedure.

Before the procedure, a person must discuss with the doctor or specialist about expectations. He/she will evaluate person’s skin for tone, texture and complexion in order to best match natural colors with the proper pigment. Also, he/she may take photos.

The procedure can be performed in an office setting. The doctor or specialist during procedure must wear medical gloves because it is performed with a pen-like instrument or standard tattoo gun. The person can receive local anesthesia. The procedure will take 20 minutes to a half hour at most.

After the procedure, specialist or doctor will provide a person with an antiseptic to cleanse the treated region. Also, swelling in the treated regions should be expected so the doctor or specialist can give instructions on how often the person should ice the area and what type of ointment he/she can apply to the area.

In the weeks following the procedure, the pigmentation will appear darker and fade over time so the person may have to undergo additional treatments to maintain the look.

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