Forget singing Billy Joel. You sing the theme song to "Paw Patrol"

Say goodbye to your musical tastes, because once you have a child, any background noise that isn’t your baby’s voice will be a children’s song or TV show, and unfortunately, many of them are inane and repetitive. As one parent states, “[S]omething happens to adults with prolonged exposure…. That joy of watching your child bond with a cartoon character is replaced by sheer rage.” As much as you like your child laughing and, hopefully, learning from the television shows they watch or the educational songs they listen to, hearing the same songs over and over again is enough to drive even the most patient of individuals insane. “The worst part is… [the music] will then get stuck in your head for HOURS. It grabs hold of your brain and Does. Not. Let. Go,” says mom Susan Taylor. Best to stock up on ear plugs; otherwise, settle in for some serious noise, and not the good kind!