Signs of a Child Struggling with Mental Illness

Dislikes being held or comforted

We have this idea of babies and children as bubbly beings that just love to be held and taken care of. If you do not experience this at all with your child, they could have a variety of mental illnesses.

For one, the child could have had a trauma in the past where they were physically harmed by an adult. As such, they may be extremely weary of physical contact or comfort. The child could also have social anxiety, which would prevent them from wanting to engage in touch. The list goes on, as many mental illnesses involve an aversion to being held or comforted.

If you are curious what to do in this situation, speak to your doctor. Because this symptom could be a signal to so many mental illnesses, it is likely that the doctor will look for other symptoms that could point to what the child is dealing with.