The Heartbreak of Pediatric Cancer: Parents Share their Pictures and Stories

Kameron Fox: 9-year-old boy who is continuing to inspire his family

It is incredibly hard for parents to watch their formerly active children decline in health because of pediatric cancer. At nine years old, Kameron Fox was especially athletic and loved to play football, basketball, and baseball. However, his parents became concerned when he grew weak and began to have chest pain, as well as lost a noticeable amount of weight. Initially, Kameron’s pediatrician sent them home after a visit, saying there was nothing to worry about, but when a lump developed on his neck soon after, his parents took immediate action. After an X-ray and a tissue biopsy, Kameron was diagnosed with Hodgkin lymphoma.

He was immediately started on chemotherapy, and doctors told his family multiple rounds would be required. As of June, 2017, Kameron was still fighting his cancer, and his strength and resolve continue to help him and his family move forward with hope for a brighter future.

Photo: Kameron Fox