Making Friends: Advice for Kids with Autism

How do you make friends?

Making friends seems hard, but it can start with something as simple as a smile, or saying "hi."

If people are playing a game, you can ask them if they mind you joining in. Or, you could start your own game and ask them to play with you!

If you're looking for a place to sit in class or at lunch, ask if it's alright to sit next to them; or, if you're already sitting, ask if they want to sit with you.

If you have a fun toy or an extra snack, you can offer to share it with them. Always make sure you are being nice, and you could even throw in a compliment, like saying you like their jacket.

Once you begin the initial conversation, it is important to keep a balance. What this means is that you for every one thing you say about yourself, you should ask them something about themselves. For example, if you mention your favorite color is red, make sure that afterwards you ask them what their favorite color is.