Self-Care for Autism Parents: 5 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

Don't forget about yourself

Any parent can fall into the habit of neglecting his or her own needs. However, for a parent raising a child with ASD, the risk of self-neglect is likely to be much higher. Each parent’s experiences may vastly differ because the symptoms of their children with ASD often differ. This difference can add to the stress and loneliness you may be feeling because your friends and loved ones are unable to fully relate to the unique challenges you and your family face. Practicing self-care can have an immense beneficial impact on quality of life for anyone, especially for the parent of a child with ASD. Take the time to practice a few self-care strategies – physical self-care, emotional self-care and spiritual self-care. Distress, decompress, and regroup – and bring back much needed clarity to your life.