Orthopedist Questions Bone Density

At what age should my wife check her bone density levels?

My wife is 28 years old and has just delivered our baby. I have been reading about osteoporosis in women. When should I get her bone denisity levels checked so that the problem can be treated early? Her mother has osteoporosis--Is it genetic?

6 Answers

Most studies recommend getting density levels in women around 40 yrs old. Until then, Vitamin D, 20 min of sunlight daily, and exercise are best for bones.
It is good to get a baseline DEXA scan at 40 years old. Before that she should have her vitamin D2/D3 levels and calcium levels check to make sure that they are normal. If her mother developed osteoporosis she is more likely to get it.
Your wife shouldn't need to worry about a Bone Density scan for another 10 years. She should see her physician if she is currently experiencing any issues.
Generally you don’t have to worry about osteoporosis until you hit menopause unless you are at risk due to other health problems. Genetics can play a role so your wife needs to be checked once she’s hit menopause.
However, she should have her vitamin D level checked to make sure that she’s not vit D deficient especially if she is not out in the sun a lot.
Unless she has a known metabolic disorder that inhibits calcium or vitamin D absorption, there is no need for her to have a bone density exam until she is post-menopausal. Usually that occurs around age 50.
She doesn't necessarily need a bone density test as of yet. It is however a good idea that she begin a calcium with vitamin D supplement in her early 30's to prevent the osteoporosis. Yes it can be hereditary so she may want to get a baseline bone densiometry at 30. The name of the game now is prevention.