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Can a chiropractor cure sciatica?

I was diagnosed with sciatica. I want to know if a chiropractor can cure sciatica?

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I dare not say cure, but most certainly can help alleviate the symptoms associated with it and that relief may last years.
Yes, a chiropractor can cure sciatica. There are many variables depending on the cause and the best approach depending on patient presentation.
No one can cure anything for you however your body if it is giving the right things can cure itself and that is true with Sciatica as well. Chiropractors with align your spine and they assess your body for muscle weakness and improper angulations and giving you correct exercise/streches to proper address the root cause of your problem. Sciatica pain can be caused by many different thing. You need to start with your doctor to have an MRI done first to make sure there is no serious problem causing this sciatica pain. Best luck to you!
We can usually help folks with sciatica move better, and with less pain. Ice the low back, 15 or 20 minutes every hour or two you are awake. If you have had this symptom for a month or more, you can alternate heat and ice.
Thank you for your question. Chiropractic care can definitely help with sciatica. It all depends on what is causing the pain.
Sciatica is treated successfully by Chiropractic, but if it doesn't respond to treatment, X-rays, MRIs, and other diagnostic tests are required.