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Can a chiropractor damage your spine?

I am a 37 year old male. I wonder if a chiropractor can damage the spine?

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For your age and if your are in good health with no underlying conditions like osteopenia or osteoporosis, your spine should not be damaged by chiropractic adjustments. It is important that you tell your chiropractor of any trauma, accidents, falls or conditions you may have been diagnosed with in the past so they can determine if you are at risk. Every chiropractor should provide you with a list of the risks and alternatives to treatment. Imaging is often recommended for patients with other conditions to make sure no injury occurs from chiropractic manipulation.

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It's possible
Anyone and anything can damage a spine. A chiropractor is the least likely person to damage your spine. It is all about the force and technique being used. Find a Gonstead chiropractor and you will be happy.


Dr. Brandon Buttry
Adverse reactions to treatment happen in all professions, but to answer your question, it is extremely rare. I have been in practice for 38 years and have never experienced an incident in performing 500,000 plus chiropractic adjustments where a patient was injured. As long as the chiropractor follows procedure by thorough history, examination, X-rays, and treatment, there should be no worries.

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A chiropractor cannot damage your spine if done by a trained skilled practitioner. There is always the chance for strains of muscles doing a chiropractic adjustment but most chiropractors will do some kind of muscle work to "loosen" you up a bit. As far as serious injury or damage, it is highly unlikely for that to happen. I have practiced for 20 years and have adjusted thousands of people and have never injured anyone. Always have that talk with your chiropractor to have them squash any concern you may have.
As with all procedures in health care there are risks however the risk from injury due to manipulation are extremely small. Your D.O. also performed manipulation it's just a preference of the methodology that your doctor employs which should influence your choice of "manipulator" if I may.
It is extremely rare for a Chiropractic adjustment to damage the spine. When it does occur, it is almost always because of an underlying condition that is not visible to the naked eye. Proper examination and screening procedures reduce any risk of injury.
No. But bad adjustments can lead to pain if the Chiropractor doesn’t perform adjustments correctly.
Only with malpractice and this is rare in Chiropractic. That is one of the reasons we pay the least of all the practitioners in the healthcare field for our Malpractice insurance. Most of the articles that claim injuries by Doctors of Chiropractic are done by unlicensed individual or healthcare individual untrained in Chiropractic techniques.
Every medical procedure has its benefits and risks. If you have osteoporosis, cancer, or some bone softening disease, that will increase your risk of damage. A good chiropractor will take a detailed history and do a thorough examination to rule out those red flags, making it much safer than other forms of treatment (like surgery).