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Can a chiropractor relieve muscle pain?

While it is not in my back, I am experiencing muscle pain from an injury. Can chiropractic care improve the pain?

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Yes. The reason for this is that often the muscle pain is due to irritated nerves in the spine from activities, exercises, injuries, sports, etc. Releasing these nerve impingements with Gonstead specific scientific adjustments results in normal muscle function.
Yes. Especially one that offers any of the following: active release technique, myofascial release, electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound or laser therapy. Many chiropractors utilize all or most of what I listed.
Muscles attach to bones and certainly a bone out of alignment will put more tension on any muscle, damaged or not. You're better off when you're aligned properly.
Yes, depending on the cause of it, chiropractics can be very helpful with muscle pain and injuries.

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Dr. Jodie Schultz
Chiropractic adjustments can improve pain levels, but obviously it depends upon the injury you sustained and you should be thoroughly examined by the appropriate doctor. That being said, chiropractors help with multiple types of injuries. Chiropractic doctors can also help using adjudicative therapies such as interferential current, ice & heat, manual therapy to the injured tissues, ultra sound etc.
A Chiropractor can help with muscle pain. After an examination and consultation, the Chiropractor should be able to tell you if he/she can help you with your particular complaint. The nervous system is the master system that controls most all functions of the body, muscular system being one of them. Chiropractors work to take pressure off the nervous system with adjustments, therefore restoring proper function to all systems of the body.
There are over 300 published techniques in chiropractic. I have had several episodes of chiropractic care because of these spasms...with great results. The chiropractic adjustment is just one way to get the muscles to quiet down, there is ultra-sound, e-stim, trigger point therapy, dry needling, cupping, massage, eschemic compresssion, PNF, ART, PFS, Ice, Heat, FAR infrared, stretching, exercise, Magnesium supplementation, hydrotherapy, pin and stretch, cryotherapy...and so many other modalities to help with muscle pain. Shop around until you find the one that works foe you.
The origin of pain may not be location of manifesting symptoms. If there is decreased innervation due to impingement, muscles strength are affected and treated.
Chiropractic care can absolutely relieve pain from a muscular standpoint. It all depends on the cause of your injury, the duration and source of your pain, and where you've been to have it addressed. You might find your symptoms aren't the only thing that resolves as a result of Chiropractic care, your function may improve greatly too!
Yes. We are trained in techniques to relieve musculoskeletal pain, which includes muscle pain. However, we can't cure everything, and you need a diagnosis. We start there.
Chiropractors typically focus on manipulation of spinal and extremity joints; However, many do focus on soft tissue injuries and use various modalities like electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound therapy, laser therapy, infrared, instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation, taping, stretching, myofascial release techniques, and more. Ideally you find a chiropractor that attempts to treat both the muscle imbalances and joint imbalances for complete care of injuries.
Chiropractic care can help muscle pain in any muscle that doesn't have to be back related. There are different techniques used that deal with trigger points and muscle spasms specifically no matter what area of the body. You can also add in adjustment that would help at the appropriate joint.
Depending on what’s the cause of the pain...if it’s musculoskeletal than chiropractic can definitely help.
Yes. Chiropractors tend to be the best at doing that.
Yes, absolutely. Many chiropractors are trained to work on soft tissues (muscles, tendons, etc) and most include this in their treatment. Also, remember that all your muscles are attached to bones, when your joints are restricted and not moving correctly this places stress on the muscles which can cause pain.
Yes. In my office, we do everyday.
Chiropractic therapy can really help many musculoskeletal conditions, including muscular pain from an injury. An exam should be performed to best determine the type of therapy most appropriate for your condition.
A simple answer is yes. Muscles are attached to bones. Chiropractors usually work on all joints, not just the spine.
It is common for muscle pain to be relieved with the adjustment. You may also need the basic chemistry, (water, Magnesium glycinate and essential fatty acids) to get lasting relief.
Yes Chiropractic may improve it. We focus on the neuromusculoskeletal system and how it all integrates.
First step is assessing the cause of the pain before answering, maybe we could talk in more detail.

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Chiropractic care can for sure improve this issue and other issues to come.

Chiropractic care is not limited to treating bones of the spine. It can be extremely helpful for the whole musculoskeletal system as well as helping with chronic conditions or conditions like allergies, stress, fatigue etc... Adjusting also boosts the immune system through a positive input to the nervous system, thus helping the body to stay in optimal health.

So if you have muscle injury or any issues, definitely contact your chiropractor to get evaluated and chances are you will get great relief from muscle work, adjustments and stretching/ exercises your chiropractor will prescribe for you to do at home. 

Hope this helps and wishing you a speedy recovery.

Dr. Jessica Grichy, DC
NOTE: All Chiropractors are not created equal! With that said, if the Chiropractor that you are thinking about seeing, also does trigger-point therapy and/or Physiological Therapeutics, (in conjunction with joint manipulation ie. Adjustments)  then the answer is YES!
Yes. There are variety of modalities as well as stretching techniques that helps with muscle tension/pain. Also, please, be advised that effectiveness of chiropractic treatment is not limited to spinal conditions. Many extra-spinal issues that does not seem to be related to spine can be helped from chiropractic treatments. Acupuncture also helps with chronic pain related to previous injury.
You didn't say what the injury was. Most muscle pain after an injury is due to. Strain in the muscle. If the joints that are associated with that muscle were injured as well, a chiropractor would be able to relieve pressure on the joints and allow the muscle to heal properly. A good chiropractor will also prescribe exercises to strengthen the injured muscle as well.
Depending on the injury, chiropractic has been known to help with muscular pains. Any joint in the body can become subluxated, which can contribute to muscular pain. A chiropractor can also help to rehab appropriate muscles to improve function.
Of course it can ! As chiropractors we are the best docteors in neuro-musculo-squeletal issues. That is to say, that we can use specific muscular therapies to assist patient with you type of complaint. Also pain is always experienced by you nervous system, it is often important to evaluate and adjust the nervous system!
I hope my answer will help you with your question ! have a great day !
Yes. Bodies that are out of balance and alignment can create imbalances in muscle and ligament tension. People try to ice it, heat it, massage it, but if they don't correct the structural imbalance, the muscle imbalances tend to return.
As a Chiropractor, my job is to help restore as much structural balance and strength as possible which subsequently relieves muscle pain in the majority of cases, especially physical injuries.
Yes, chiropractic has helped many people decrease their pain from many different types of musculoskeletal problems. Most of the time muscular injuries can occur from an underlying structural issue which causes too much strain on a muscle and eventually leads to an strain or tear. So depending on your specific injury having a chiropractor help with pain management of your muscular injury as well checking to see if there is an underlying structural cause would be in your best interest.
Yes chiropractors who are trained in sports and orthopedics can treat muscle pain anywhere in the body with success.
Yes, through passive and active range of motion exercises and myofacial release techniques and passive modalities your pain can be relieved
Yes, Chiropractic can help with muscle pain. We not only use manipulation of the joints to help (since muscle moves bone it effects the way you move and joints can lose motion creating more muscle tension) but we use many types of physical therapy to alleviate the other causes of pain.
if the nature of the muscle ache is a sprain strain or contusion, yes with cold laser treatment or Kiniseo taping.
If the muscle is torn we usually recommend more diagnostics such as a CT or MRI to name two.
Yes, for sure! Sometimes when you have an injury, you will not even feel any pain for a week or two. Give us a call, we can help you with this!
Absolutely! In our office, we treat musculoskeletal issues in many areas in the body, not just the neck and back. Treatment and expert advice can generally heal muscle injuries faster and with less likelihood of re-injury.
Absolutely. Muscles attach to bones via tendons. If bones are out of alignment in spine or extremities, so are the muscles and tendons attached to them.
Chiropractors usually can help with pain and without drugs or surgery. I would ask for more details first to be able to provide you with a more accurate and tailored for you answer. I would be looking to trace the problem to your nervous system and your spine in a way of correcting the cause of the problem rather than just changing the symptoms (pain). If you just want the pain to go away, then you could take drugs to numb it so you don't feel it. If you want the problem fixed, then you would go to a chiropractor first to see if that can be resolved naturally by spinal re-alignment and allowing proper nerve flow and blood flow to return. Happy to talk with you further so that you can understand it better if you need to...

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Dr Robert Arnone
This is a loaded question because pain has a complicated and multiple pathways. It can even be affected by the state of the mood (depression, fear.. etc) in at the time of injury! Thats from research articles not my own theory.
Muscle pain or Nociception, can be shortly inhibited by activation C-fibers for a short time will inhibit the type 4 nociceptors. so will a tens unit.
Cupping, cross tissue massage, Graston Technique, Active release technique, etc are designed to help repair muscle tissue faster after injury. Manipulation to keep joints mobile and joint fluids hydrated due to lack of blood vessel all improve time of healing.

In short, a Chiropractor is taught how to improve the quality of muscle tissue and healing. This should improve the pain both directly and indirectly.
Yes. Chiropractic can help you with muscle pain. Chiropractic specialized in musculoskeletal conditions. The muscles pain happens because the joints are subluxated, most of the times. This when the position of a vertebra is out of alignment.
Chiropractic care helps with putting the spine into proper alignment, which in turns helps nerves communicate to the rest of your body. By getting rid of spinal misalignments (subluxation), we allow the body to function better and heal better by getting rid of the interference.
Yes indeed, Chiropractors scope of practice involves treating many various neuromusculoskeletal injuries; which is much more expansive than mere joint mobilization. Most Chiropractors are trained in techniques such as: Myofascial Release Technique (MRT), Active Release Technique (ART), Post Isometric Relaxation (PIR), and more. Additionally, many Chiropractors will implement soft tissue/manual therapy/muscle relaxation techniques prior to joint mobilization in order to achieve optimal results when assisting patients.
yes indeed
Absolutely, especially if the treatment has a muscle specific therapy. That includes a vast range of modalities such as but not limited to ART, Graston, IASTM, Kinesio Taping, therapeutic exercises and various streching methods. Adjustments help joint fixations improving range of motion and when coupled with a soft tissue specific therapy can drastically reduce muscular pain. An increase in water and taking a quality proteolytic enzme will also aid in soft tissue repair.

Dr. Weston Zenner, D.C.
Yes, Chiropractors are trained to treat most musculoskeletal problems. We will do special stretches and various therapies to resolve your muscle problems.

Dr. Greg Pizzolato
While the pain is not directly in your back, yes! Your spine and muscles are intimately connected. Although your pain may not be in your back, it was due to an injury. When your spine is out of alignment it causes tight and sore muscles; as well as, some swelling. By adjusting your spine, we are able to put motion back into the joint and relieve the tension on the nerves allowing your body to better heal.
Thank you for your question. Chiropractors can help with muscle pain. We look at the body as a whole and not just individual parts. The muscles attach to bone and are designed to aid in the movement of the bone. If a bone is not allowing for proper function, the muscles have to exert more force, in different angles, to achieve the same movement. This can lead to a muscle being over worked and often causes strains or sprains if allowed to continue for long periods of time. Chiropractors can help by not only evaluating and treating any lack of function in the bones but also help with the function of the muscles with stretches and exercises to treat and help prevent the same thing happening in the future. Just like all professions, there are different kinds of chiropractors. You want to make sure that the chiropractor you go to puts your goals first and treats you as efficiently, as evidence-informed, and as quickly as possible to ensure that you are getting the most out of your care.
Hello, yes a chiropractor could help with muscle pain.  If you would like an appointment give me a call at 636-724-4010.
Yours in health, Dr. Chris
There are many reasons for muscle pain. If it is due to the spine being unhealthy or poor posture habits, the answer is yes, we can help. It is our job as doctors to figure out where the pain is coming from.
Pain can come from many different problems. A full examination should define if you are a candidate for chiropractic care.
Absolutely! We not only adjust but perform a technique called Active Release Technique to help the muscles to relax further around a problem area.

Yes, we have several techniques we use to get rid of muscle pain. Myofacial release, manual therapy, KT tape are a few. It does not have to be in your back. We can treat any part of your body.
The core of chiropractic care is treating joint ailments and muscles cross joints. While mostly known for treating spinal joints we are trained to look at all joints. So, there is a good chance that a chiropractor can diagnose and treat your muscle ailment even if it's in your hips, shoulders or somewhere else.

Dr Bazley
After examination, we can see what muscles are causing the pain or see what function is lost. There are many techniques to relieve muscle pain, and depending on injury, almost always will have some rehabilitation with treatment.

Yes, chiropractic care can help with all muscular skeletal pain, care is not just limited to the bones and muscles associated with the spine. What type of injury are you healing from?

Dr. Zepfel
Yes, a chiropractor can help you with the injury recovery. There are many modalities that chiropractors may apply to relieve pain and inflammation, using PEMF machines, cold laser, electrical stimulation or ultrasound, among others. You will receive proper care and therapy without side effects, so good luck!

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Pei Vuong, D.C.
Chiropractic care can most definitely help reduce muscle pain.

There are a couple of ways this happens, first is when someone receives a chiropractic adjustment/mobilization. The human body releases hormones called endorphin and encephalin. These hormones are our bodies pain reducing hormones. Once you receive an adjustment, there is a neurological reflex to the muscles that are in spasm and the muscle will then start to relax.

There are also many different modalities that can be used to help reduce muscle pain such as electric stimulation, ultrasound and cryotherapy (ice). All therapy is dependent on what muscles are involved and what exactly is the cause of your muscle pain. This will be assessed during an office visit examination. I hope this answered your question.
Absolutely, pain is one of the most symptoms that respond well on chiropractic.

The challenge is to understand why. Because chiropractors are working on pain, they are working on the condition that causes that pain: Subluxation!

This is misalignment in the spine that cause nerve pressure and the body can't heal properly and recreate. So decrease of pain is a positive side effect of restoration of the body: proper healing and function capacity.

Magna report demonstrates clearly that chiropractic care is the best option for acute and chronic back pain.
Some can, some cannot, it depends on the techniques the chiropractor uses and the source of the muscle pain.  In my office we use many techniques to facilitate the nerves in the muscle to make it stronger after injury which often cuts down dramatically on pain.  We also have ways of "turning down" the hyper-firing of nerves after an injury if that is a source of pain. To find out more, you can call me to discuss or schedule an exam to see if I think your case can be helped.  760-518-1139  Have a great day! -Dr. B Star Bailey D.C., RND Mind Body Chiropractic 858-792-1955