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Can a speech delay be caused by a work injury?

My cousin has developed a speech delay after a head injury. Can a speech delay be caused by a work injury?

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Yes, your cousin should seek out an adult speech therapist.
Yes, there is a possibility that the injury had a negative impact on his speech and cognitive abilities. It is best to get a speech assessment to help determine the impact it had on his communication abilities.
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Yes, it can. Except it will only be called speech delay if it is a child developing speech and language and an accident happens and because of that injury, the child’s speech does not develop normally.
If a person gets injured after speech and language had developed eg roughly six or seven years on or even younger the problem will be called speech or language disorder whichever it is. Eg articulation or aphasia or memory issues or fluency etc. in either case speech therapy can be provided.
Yes, it can be a reason. Probably a Brain Injury causes some delays.
Definitely. First step would be to see a neurologist. Follow up next with a certified speech pathologist.
Without additional information, it would be hard to determine that. However, you mention that your cousin developed the speech disorder after obtaining a head injury (at work, I presume). If he didn't have any speech issues prior to the head injury, but presented with it after the injury, then it is the result of the injury. Is your cousin receiving therapy from a Speech and Language Pathologist? He should have been evaluated as soon as possible at the hospital, as early intervention is key in obtaining the optimum benefits from therapy. After leaving the hospital, he should be seeing a Speech Pathologist at least weekly, initially, depending on the severity of the disorder.
If you need help finding a licensed Speech Pathologist near him, please contact ASHA.org. You can find one near him who specializes in adults.
Good luck!
A speech disorder can absolutely result from head injuries depending on the part of the brain affected by the injury. All of the body's functions and cognition are controlled by the brain. It's the same thing when a person develops speech or language issues following a stroke.

Cara Gelbart
Yes, it can. I would have him seen by his doctor to rule out any traumatic brain injury or other damage.