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Can a chiropractor help my son with his posture?

My son is 7 years old. He was a premature baby, and since birth has had slight development issues. His developmental milestones have all been delayed. Although he is active, his bones and muscles seem to be weak. Can a chiropractor help me deal with this issue? What are the risks?

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Most certainly yes
Yes, he can get medical help from a chiropractor. I do not recommended a lot of manipulation. His growth plates are not fused. Having X-rays is a good start to determine any scoliosis in the spine causing abnormal posture. Depending on the degree of the curve, your chiropractor should co-treat with an orthopedic doctor as well. Furthermore, rehabilitation exercises in a chiropractor office or PT would be good to strengthen his muscles and ligaments, teaching postural awareness and postural exercises to improve body mechanics and dynamic mobility.
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Your pediatrician and the chiropractor can co-manage and help your son health. The chiropractor can help your son's nervous system to function at an optimum level and boost his immune system.
Chiropractic will definitely help your kid. Most of the times we need to have some radiographs of his spine to see if his mychbus affected. We also can work together with an occupational therapy. But most important we need to get a full history of your pregnancy and his birth and more. With the history and an extensive evaluation, corrective care chiropractors could design a care plan to help your son. Chiropractic care, good nutrition and OT and a good compliance with the care plan could benefit your son.
Upper cervical chiropractic has been shown many times over to help a child get back on track with developmental milestones. When there is a slight misalignment of the top bones of the neck, it directly interferes with communication between the brain - which is trying to tell the muscles to behave, tone up and balance out - and the body below. I have seen many children heal and get stronger with upper cervical chiropractic. Now, your question about risks is important to address. The biggest risk is that the misalignment doesn't get fully corrected. Then the child won't respond the way we want. For that reason, you will want to select an upper cervical chiropractor who uses a procedure that both defines the goal for the correction and verifies that it was achieved. Three upper cervical procedures follow that plan: NUCCA (National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association), Orthospinology (, and Atlas Orthogonal. The first two have a website that can locate a doctor for you, the third you have to hunt.
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Dr. Philip R. Schalow 
If his bones are weak, a nutritionist is important to assist in strengthening them. Weight bearing exercise will help him strengthen both muscles and bones as well. If the bones are osteopenia or weak, I would suggest a non-force Chiropractor or one who used Activator technique, which is a non-manipulative technique to move the bones. Hope that helped. Got your back!
Dr. Todd Gewant
Absolutely----can even help with scoliosis.
Yes, Chiropractic is probably a critical aid to his further development. As to risks, that is a conversation with the Doctor of Chiropractic you choose, as different techniques carry different risks. I would say that if you look at risks as measured by malpractice insurers, DC's pay a very low rate due to the safety of the profession.

Dr Krutulis
First, have you sought out medical attention to rule out any major underlying conditions? Chiropractors deal with the nervous system and the spine so we are a good choice when it comes to removing interference. Personally, I have seen situations similar to yours being treated by a Chiropractor. How Chiropractic can assist is once we have a clear medical history outlining what condition(s) your son is experiencing, we focus on restoring function through chiropractic adjustments, nutrition, proprioception training, mobility and performance training. Every case is different, so in my opinion, listing risks that may be associated can only be determined once his individual assessment is complete. I say that because what may be a risk for others may not be a risk for him. God Bless!
That's what Chiropractors do.
I would encourage you to take your son for an evaluation. Sometimes, postural issues can be a sign of an abnormal spinal curvature (scoliosis) or even anterior weight bearing of the head. The doctor will discuss the risks and other treatment options based on exam findings and possibly an X-ray, if indicated.
A chiropractor most definitely would help your son with posture issues. Find a chiropractor in your area with a good reputation and he should be able to address the issues fairly easy with adjustments and at home stretches. Following those instructions is very important because with your son only being seven years old his growth plates are open until he’s roughly 18 so he has plenty of time to help change many issues.
Yes, it is possible a chiropractor can help. A proper exam would be needed to make sure. If you find a trusted chiropractor, there is usually little risk involved.
A Chiropractor can evaluate the possible causes of some of his complaints. It can be related to proper diet, need of additional supplemental nutrition or more aggressive care. An examination should tell a lot of the story
I performed chiropractic adjustments on my three children within the first hour of life and have continued care to date. Currently they are 24, 21, and 19. Spinal adjustments are safe and effective for many issues associated with children. A properly functioning spine is a gateway to better health. When we combine chiropractic adjustments with exercise and stretching, postural changes are possible.
Yes, a Chiropractor can help with posture and possible developmental issues. The correction of the spinal dysfunction will help with posture and pain. It will be necessary to continue Chiropractic care along with home exercises and postural correction techniques to maintain the benefits. There are very few risks with chiropractic care and is safe for all ages.
Chiropractic is a very safe treatment option that is very low risk. The easiest way to demonstrate this is by the simple fact that chiropractors have some of the lowest malpractice rates compared to other disciplines. I personally and almost every chiropractor and extended family have their children and relatives adjusted on a regular basis. Specifically for your son, it will be important to find a chiropractor that specializes in rehabilitation as well, or coordinate treatment of chiropractic manipulation and physical or occupational therapy for best results.
Yes, postural muscles get weak over time when the spine is not in good alignment.
More than possible
Definitely, but would be better along with an orthopedic specialist.
Why are they weak? Definitely could be a huge risk depending on the type of chiropractor. Will not strengthen them unless the doc has experience in rehab.