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Can gout be treated permanently or does it come back?

I have been suffering from gout for the last 3 months and I have started my treatment along with dietary restrictions. Can gout be treated permanently or will it keep coming back?

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Unfortunately, once you get Gout, you've got it for life. However, through avoidance of certain foods and medications the pain from gout attacks can be significantly reduced.
It cannot be cured, just treated. Avoid fatty, greasy foods and alcohol. If that does not help, then there is a daily medication to minimize the recurrence of a gouty attack.
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Can reoccur, but it is necessary to have a proper evaluation to ensure knee pain after gout isn't from another cause.
Gout can be managed permanently.
Keeps coming back, but can be controlled with daily medicine.
Gout can not be cured, only treated symptomatically with medication and diet.
There is no cure for gout, so medication and diet should be ongoing. Gout is genetic, but there are other causes of hyperuricemia that should be looked for.
No. Gouty symptoms can be controlled, but even when there are no symptoms Uric Acid crystals may continue to build up. Your Uric Acid blood level should be kept below 6mg/dl, by diet and medication.
It can come back. Sticking with your proper diet and medication can control this. A traumatic procedure can cause gout also, or high uric acid. Medications can lower the level of uric acid.
Some medications are for prophylaxis.
Uric acid is end product of protein metabolism. When its concentration goes up in the blood stream beyond six, it can deposit in any tissues and cause gouty attack, called gout. To keep its concentration low, use more of good fat than protein, especially fish, chicken and turkey.
Usually, life time treatment.
There are medicinal treatments for gouty arthritis that are quite successful. See you family doctor or Rheumatologist for advice. New medications like Uloric eliminate reoccurring symptoms.
With correct diet and medication, it can be treated.
Gout does not have a permanent treatment so, it can come back.