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Can nerve damage cause behavioral issues in children?

I am a 40 year old female. I want to know can nerve damage cause behavioral issues in children?

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I'm unclear about your question. Do you have nerve damage and you're wondering if you could have caused a developmental/behavioral issue during gestation, or does your child have nerve damage and you are wondering if that can cause behavioral issues? Either way, I would highly suggest speaking with a neurologist and/or psychologist. Unless there is a co-occuring speech, language, or swallowing issue, they would be your best professionals to speak with concerning nerve damage and/or behavioral issues in children.
Good luck!
Brain trauma and damage can cause it. Also, if pain is associated with nerve injury, it can also affect their mood and behavior. Consult a neurologist.
This depends on the type of damage and where, but generally, painful or disabling symptoms affiliated with nerve damage often carry psychological coping issues, for children and adults. Those can lead to behavioral changes.
Hello, when you say nerve damage..there are two types, Central Nervous System (Brain and Spine) and Peripheral Nervous System (the nerves the innervate your arms and legs). Nothing in the peripheral nervous system can affect behavior but there are some conditions in the brain that can.