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Can’t hear on left side?

I tried to clean the earwax out and now I can’t hear, and it sounds like there is water. It happened two hours ago. I used a 50/50 mix of hydrogen peroxide and water. No cotton swabs or anything, just a syringe.

Male | 26 years old
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You need to come in to see an ENT as soon as possible, since this could be a sudden hearing loss, which we treat as an emergency.
Your ear needs to be evaluated by an ENT
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Sounds like you pushed the earwax further back toward the eardrum. Go see an Audiologist or Ear-Noe-Throat doctor and they will be able to remove/clean out the earwax.
Probably impacted the cerumen. Use the 3% peroxide undiluted a few more times. Get in shower and run hot water into involved ear. If not better, see ENT for micro cleaning
The wax may have shifted after flushing and made that ear feel plugged. I would get some Debrox drops and do maybe 2 more courses of drops with flushing. If that doesn't get it out, you may have to go to an Ear, Nose, and Throat physician to get it all. 
This isn't uncommon, so your ear is probably going to be fine. Most likely, after a few more rounds of irrigation with the syringe, the wax will dislodge and come out of your ear. Be sure to use gentle pressure and water that is lukewarm--cold or warm water can cause dizziness and nausea. If this doesn't work, schedule an appointment with an audiologist or ENT doctor for professional removal.
Most likely the wax has softened and moved and is now completely blocking the canal. I recommend you flush the canal again or contact an audiologist and the wax plug can be removed in the office.