Neurosurgeon Questions Vertigo

Can vertigo be treated?

I am a 35 year old woman and I am suffering from extreme headaches and pain due to vertigo. Is it a permanent illness or is there a way to treat the same?

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It all depends on the cause and type of vertigo. The headaches may not necessarily be the cause of vertigo, but could be another clue or symptom to what is causing all these problems. If "pain" is in the neck, this area may be the cause of all three of those symptoms. Further evaluation as to the cause can lead to options to treat the symptoms which are therefore hopefully not permanent.
No. The first step is to have a neurologic exam and imaging of the vestibular system with a brain MRI with and without contrast if possible. There are medical and rehab treatments that can be offered after the diagnosis is obtained.
You should have a competent, full medical exam and evaluation including a head MRI if the headaches continue, but it's very unlikely that you would have a tumor or life-threatening disease. Finding the source leads to effective treatment and possible cure.
You should see an ear doctor and have this assessed. It is likely that they will order an MRI scan. It is possible to have symptoms from a tumor that could be the cause, although it may well be from something else.
This is better addressed to a neurologist.
Vertigo is very hard to treat and may be related to many causes
There may be issues with instability st the craniocervical junction or related comirbid conditions
Vertigo usually results in nausea, trouble with balance and sometimes headaches too. There are many causes of vertigo. Considering your age, although it is not clear how long you have had the vertigo, it is probably temporary but it can last along time. Acute labyrinthitis, an inflammation of the middle ear balance mechanism is a common, self limited cause of vertigo. Benign positional vertigo is mostly experienced with head movements or in certain head positions. Menier's Disease is a more serious and difficult to treat cause of vertigo which can be very debilitating. Some medications such as meclyzine may be helpful to treat the symptoms. I suggest that you have consultation with a neurologist, especially if you can find one who has experience in diagnosis and treatment of vertigo.