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Can you get strep throat without tonsils?

I had my tonsils removed when I was younger, I am 16 years old now. Today I have a sore throat with a fever and puss in my throat. Is it possible to have strep throat with no tonsils?

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yes it is but much less likely
Yes, this is certainly possible. Strep, a form of bacteria, can infect nearly any tissue in the body. The tonsils can act as a reservoir for infection, and their removal can help decrease the number and severity of throat infections. However, there is still plenty of lymphoid tissue within the throat that can become infected by this, and other, organism(s).
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It is still possible to get strep throat after your tonsils are removed, though it is much less likely. The tonsils are the main area for the Group A Strep that causes tonsillitis, but strep can also attach to the back of the throat which can cause infection known as pharyngitis. By removing the tonsils, you also help increase the good strep which protects against the bad strep. Hopefully this answers your excellent question.
Not likely. Can get nasopharyngitis which usually needs antibiotic therapy.
Yes. Strep throat can occur without tonsils, though it's less likely
Yes, you can get strep throat without tonsils. It is not possible to diagnose it without a strep test, so you always need to see your physician. It is less common to get strep once your tonsils are out, though.
Yes, you can develop strep throat with no tonsils.
To answer simply, yes.
It is still possible to get strep throat even after a tonsillectomy. It is less likely but still possible. Often patients who still get strep throat after undergoing tonsillectomy still notice that their symptoms of strep throat are not as severe as they were before the tonsillectomy. One reason you can still get strep throat is that you still have other tonsil tissue in your throat. The palatine tonsils are the ones that are removed with a tonsillectomy, but you actually have lingual tonsils as well. These can be removed as well, but are less likely to be removed as they do not cause problems as often as the palatine tonsils. Also sometimes while performing a tonsillectomy, small pieces of tonsil tissue can be left behind. These tonsil remnants can get infected, or can grow over time which leads some patients to say that their "tonsils grew back". Also some doctors over the years have advocated only taking out part of the tonsils because this is usually less painful than a complete tonsillectomy. Unfortunately many of these patients ended up having to have their tonsils removed twice as their symptoms persisted even after the first, partial tonsillectomy.
Oh, yes. Taking out the tonsils cuts down on the incidence of strep throat but it is still possible to become ill with strep throat. Fever and sore throat - get checked.
Yes, you can get Strep throat even if you don't have tonsils. But what you have now might be something else, like mononucleosis by Epstein Barr virus.
Yes it is still possible to have strept throat infection even if the tonsils are removed.
It’s rare but yes. And sometimes tonsil tissue remains.
Short answer: Yes, you can still get strep pharyngitis when your tonsils were removed when younger.

Many organisms (viral and bacterial) can cause a sore throat or pharyngitis; most acute pharyngitis infection is due to a virus. Strep pharyngitis, however, is due to a bacteria and is treated with an antibiotic to prevent negative sequela.

Your tonsils are apart of your immune system; they are two lymph nodes which can become inflamed and enlarged with infection. During a tonsillectomy, tonsils are removed; however, some tonsillar tissue may still remain and over time, it is possible for tonsillar tissue to "regrow" or regenerate.

If you are experiencing a worsening sore throat with or without exudate, especially, if you are experiencing a persistent fever and/or decrease fluid intake, then it is strongly recommend that you are seen and evaluated by your physician as soon as possible.
It is quite rare, but one can still get strep even without tonsils. More likely though, you have a viral infection in your throat which can also produce pus. You should see your doctor and have a rapid strep test or throat culture sent if your fever continues for more than 3 days.
It is impossible to say without doing a test. Do a test. Yes, you can have streptococcus infection after tonsils removal.
u wont be able to get strep tonsillitis but can def get strep throat.
I would have u checked for strep as untreated it could lead to rheumatic fever, and we dont want that!
Although the risk of Strep Throat is much higher when you have tonsils, you can still get it after your tonsils are removed. You should definitely get in to see someone to get a rapid strep test.
Yes it’s possible.
Rapid Strept test and throat swab for bacterial culture are needed to decide if treatment is needed.
Removing tonsils lowers your strep risk, but it definitely does not eliminate it. You sound like you have strep, though it could be something else. You should get checked.
Yes !
Yes, strep throat means strep infection of throat. When you have infection of tonsils, it is called Tonsillitis. Tonsils are considered part of body defense and it is recommended not to remove tonsils.
Strep throat gives you whitish spots in the throat and very painful to swallow. Pus can be from other infections also other than Strep.
Yes it is possible. Removing the tonsils lowers the risk of getting strep but it is still possible
Yes. Strep throat is an infection of the throat due to a bacteria. Enlarged tonsils often make a person more prone to infections, especially tonsillitis, but removal of your tonsils does not prevent infections from happening. This sounds like you need to see a healthcare provider so I hope you did.
Yes, you can still get strep throat. The best way to make sure is to get tested.
In short, yes it is possible. But you can't get tonsillitis!