Doctor Questions Vertigo

Chronic fatigue syndrome

I am being treated for occipital neuralgia, along with cluster headaches for a year now. I also have vertigo. I take gabapentin for headaches and otc meds for vertigo. I was taking vestibular therapy until I caught a virus in October which has wiped me out. I have have extreme fatigue now. Taking a shower makes me exhausted and I have to lay down before I get dressed. I have gone to a cancer center for more blood work and a scan. My numbers are off but no sign of cancer. Could this be cds?

Male | 53 years old
Complaint duration: 2 months
Medications: Gabapentin otc motion sickness
Conditions: Occipital neuralgia, cluster headaches, vertigo

1 Answer

It sounds as though you haven't been able to clear the virus from your system. I suggest that you get your vit D3 level checked. All the patients who died of Covid had subnormal Vit D levels less than 20ng/dl. We also know that there is a pandemic of vit D deficiency especially if people are not getting out into the sunlight. Three cancers are associated with high risk with Vit D deficiency, Colon Prostate and Breast. These cancers incidentally can derive from human papilloma virus. We have found that people who do not clear the pox virus may have vit D deficiency. This is a simple remedy and a vit D level is easy to obtain.