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EMG testing

Do I need a blood test to have an EMG done?

Female | 62 years old
Complaint duration: 2 years

9 Answers

No you do not need blood work before an EMG
In general the answer is no. But if you take blood thinners your doctor may want to check your coagulation to make sure you will not have significant bleeding during the test.
Some people may ask you to do a blood test to check for your ability to clot properly if they are using needle EMG as opposed to patches.
Blood test is not needed in order for the EMG to be performed.
Typically not, unless taking very high doses of blood thinners
The answer is simply, no.
I don't think so
Only if you have a risk of bleeding. However, many doctors are doing multiple tests at the same time to evaluate nerve-related symtoms. Thus, blood tests AND an EMG recommended at the same time are not unreasonable.