Infectious Disease Specialist Questions Epstein-Barr Virus Infections

Epstein-Barr Virus infection

In the past 2 months I've had a heavy infection with the following symptoms:
sore throat, fever, swollen lymph nodes, rashes on skin, enlarged spleen (did a CAT scan), headache.

Today I received tests for EBV VCA:
result unit LL UL Text
EBV VCA IgG 28 S\CO 0.0 0.7 Reactive . . .
EBV VCA IgM 14 S\CO 0.0 0.6 Reactive

My ASAT, ALAT and bilirubin levels are slightly above the upper limit, GGT and CRP are now normal.

My doctor in unavailable at the moment so I would like to ask am I contagious right now? Should my wife do the same test? She didn't have any symptoms in the last 2 months.

Male | 38 years old
Complaint duration: 2 Months

1 Answer

Your antibody tests do indicate that you have a current/recent EBV infection. You will have virus in your saliva for a prolonged period of time, average of 6 months up to 18 months of continuous viral shedding after infection then intermittent shedding for decades. Your wife may have had previous symptomatic or asymptomatic EBV infection (25-50% chance). Who have you been kissing? You may have caught it from your wife’s viral shedding. Your wife doesn’t need testing unless she becomes symptomatic.
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