Cardiologist Questions Heart Rate

Heart rate

My heart rate is usually between 60-100BPM when active and is 40-60BPM during sleep. Is it typical that a heart rate can be 50-60BPM on average, when you are also obese (300lbs) and not an athlete? I have had a Zio patch and EKG, both came back normal but with rare PVC’s. Should I be worried about my resting heart rate? I rarely feel dizzy or un-well besides heart palpitations occasionally.

Female | 25 years old
Complaint duration: 1 year
Medications: Lisinopril/ hydrochloridizide 20-15mg
Conditions: High blood pressure, anxiety, sleep apnea

2 Answers

Normal resting heart rate is 60-100 bpm. Heart rate is determined by a balance between 2 parts of your nervous system so some people run toward the low side and some toward the high side. I would not worry about your heart rate unless there are other symptoms.
This fluctuation in heart rate, especially low heart rate during sleep is typical of obstructive sleep apnea. Management of sleep apnea would be critical.