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Heavy ankle with tingling toes?

My ankle feels heavy every day with tingling toes and burning. What should I do? It has been like this for about 6 months with no release.

Female | 68 years old
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7 Answers

Could be a neuropathy or pinched nerve.
Is there any swelling or discoloration? It could be a few different diagnoses. I think your best option would be to be seen by a foot and ankle specialist to get some clinical information to go with your history. I would not let this linger. It may become irreparable.
These symptoms are most consistent with peripheral neuropathy. Your regular physician can point you in the right direction.

Good luck,

Dr. L

Too many possible answers. You need to see a podiatrist and have a diagnostic work-up to determine what’s going on and how best to heal it.
Go see your PCP. Primary Care Physician
You need to see a foot and ankle specialist that can take a detailed history of your present problem as a past medical history, physical examination of your feet, and any other relevant systems, then determine necessary diagnostic tests before differential diagnoses can be narrowed down to diagnose and treat your problem. This is not something that can easily be done on an e-mail. With telemedicine, you can get started.

Jan David Tepper, DPM, FACFAS